icon for the demanding anon.
lol im fab ok
fab schwag bam bam
todays piercings
i have small ears ok whatever dont judge me :(
theres a bow on my head
my tongue is red but u cant see
its 10:51
i look awkward
im about to tinychat with @itstuanblr
ok bye
im kinda crazy guize
i filled my head with helium
now i have eyes liek a fish
Anonymous: you are so gorgeous!! :) probably doesn't mean much coming from an anon :$

am i g0rgeouz?? am i rlly???? thank yoo0o0o0ooou :)

@hayler27 called me gay
im sexii
u cant tell me nuthing
dun h8
Anonymous: Dear best friend

Dear bestfriend,

Listen you fucked up nazi admiring jew. I love you. More than any other mother fucker out there. Thanks for putting up with all of dis. I know it’s not always very easy. We’ve been through hell and back and at the end of the day, you were always the person that stood by me. You’re the most amazing person I’ve ever met in my life. Really though. No one can make me smile and laugh as much as you do. You a real big part of my life and I wouldn’t be able to live without you or replace you with anyone else. Da pplz liek you are sao da rare to find. Iz krayzay. You’re so fun to be around. You’re the frikkin portable party. Thanks for all the advice you’ve ever given me, and always cracking a joke when I needed a good laugh and for just being a real good friend. We hab da best friendship ever. Ain’t that right? I know you’re gonna read this and smile real big. Yah, I know how to make my baybuh smile :’)

o hawt dayumn ~~
hay check out me in my long red sox.
im so hype iz ridiculous !!!!
hay gewdmawning guize
im tired but tumblr awaits ~~
ooo0oo00oomg 2:20am & im not tired ;(((